Max On Air Look , Cinemax Latin América

Max On-Air Look

Cinemax Latin America comissioned us to produce the complete on-air look for 2010. They wanted for the look time lapses and urban scenes with a surreal intervention, something out of the ordinary. On 2012 we also produced a version of this look for MaxCaribe. All pieces are time-lapsed photgraphy sequences, no video. We teamed-up with other designers, photographers and animators to produce a big amount of these time-lapses to add variety.

Direction & Art Direction 3erMundo
Design & animation 3erMundo, Alejandro Castillo, Cecilia Guevara, Julia Wolf
Photographers Kike Arnal, Mauricio Lopez, Alejandro Castillo, Cecilia Guevara, Ramón París
Field Producers Reinaldo Rojas Carrillo, Mali LazellAntonia Kühn, Lena Bushart
Sound design cumaco films

Requeteciclaje "sé ecoísta" campaign Canal+


Requeteciclaje is a stop-motion animation, part of the “Eco-Language” campaign directed by NADIE for Canal+ Spain. For this campaign they commissioned different studios to come up with an idea for one of the words for the campaign. They wanted to express the need for more respectful ways to interact with the planet.
Requeteciclaje” is the result of mixing the words “requete” (re for repetition) and “reciclaje” (recycling). We decided to create the word using recycled material, making boxes, plastic bottles and other materials come to life.

Client CANAL+ Lenguaje ecoísta Campaign 2008
Creative Direction Nadie
Project Palabrotas / Requeteciclaje
Design, Animation & Art Direction 3erMundo
Sound Design Canal+

Premios Laus 2010, Campaña “Armas para salvar el planeta”, Bronce
New York Festivals 2009, Silver Award

3ermundo / La Manada / Animal Planet Latin America

La Manada

Client Discovery Production Group
Project La Manada (The Pack): Animal Planet for Kids, 2007
Direction Verónica Acosta at Discovery Production Group.
Character Design 3erMundo
Illustration 3erMundo
Animation and Compositing: 3erMundo & Discovery Production Group
Sound Design Discovery Production Group

3ermundo / La Manada / Animal Planet Latin America
3ermundo / La Manada / Animal Planet Latin America
3ermundo / Beats/ AXN


Client AXN LatinAmerica
Project Beats Graphic Package, 2006
Design, 3D animation & Compositing 3erMundo Julia Wolf
Art Direction 3erMundo
Sound Design Andres Cáceres

BDA LatinAmerica 2006, Program Open, Bronze

3ermundo/ Flix/ AXN Latin America


Client AXN LatinAmerica
Project Flix Graphic Package, 2006
Design, 3D Animation & Compositing 3erMundo, Julia Wolf
Art Direction 3erMundo
Sound Design Andres Cáceres

BDA LatinAmerica 2006, Program Packaging Campaign (Out-of House), Silver

3ermundo / Phrases & Greetings / People&Arts

Phrases & Greetings

Client Travel&Living, Discovery Networks
Project Travel phrasebook 2005
Design, Illustration, Animation 3erMundo
Sound Design: Discovery Production Group
Art Direction 3erMundo

GOLD 2006 BDA World (art direction & design, Travel phrases-french)

The pagüey River Shortfilm

The Pagüey River

The pagüey River and the characters are inspired in people that lives in the countryside, in a region called “los llanos” in Venezuela. The landscape is so vast that is hard to guess where is the horizon. One could see how the river dried every six months and how its channel would grow until flooding the shores. Every time the water level decreased, locals would start over again with the things they rescued form the last flood. The immensity of the land and the cruel weather affects people’s characters and so locals have a different sense of time and space. To support the importance of nature in their lives we got inspiration in the work of a very famous Venezuelan painter called Armando Reverón.

DirectionScriptProduction3D AnimationArt Direction and Postproduction 
Ramón París / Tere Castillo
Music and Sound Albert S. Fernández Aldabó.

3ermundo / Beats / Flix / Showroom / Axn Latin America

Beats. Flix. Showroom.

Client AXN Latin America, (Original Production shows)
Project Flix, Beats, Rush, & Showroom, 2004
Design, Illustration & Animation 3erMundo
Art Direction 3erMundo
Sound Design Andres Cáceres

Gold BDA World 2005,Bumper
BDA LatinAmerica 2006, Bronze

3ermundo / Animal Planet on-air look

Animal Planet On-Air Look

We had the opportunity to work along with the Discovery Production Group team on the rebranding of Animal Planet WorldWide 2003. This project was the team effort of many people, since the on-air look is basically great nature footage, with the type treated within it. We needed to produce many spots in order to make the on-air diverse and non-repetitive.

Project Animal planet on-air look World wide, 2003
Direction Peach Gibson
Production Krishna Mahon, Tareen Aguilar
Art Direction & Design Verónica Acosta, Carlos Cotte, Federico Reinfeld, 
Tere Castillo & Ramón París (3erMundo)
Rotoscopy Erich Hentschel, Leo Lovera
3D & Compositing Erich Hentschel, Leo Lovera & Lava Lamp
Sound Design Andres Cáceres

3ermundo / Educación Sintética / Discovery Kids

Educación Sintélica

Educación Sintélica was a big project that Discovery Kids Latin America developed for a client. The project required us to create animations for 54 reading lessons for pre-school children, to be aired on the channel. They provided most of the scripts and music, and Ramón created and developed the characters and animated most of them. Some were animated by other artists such as Alejandro Castillo, Alejandro Reyes, Idana Rodriguez and Cayapa. 

Client Discovery Kids Latin America
Project Educación Sintélica, 2000-2002 (54 animations for preschoolers).
Art Direction Tercer Mundo
Animation, Design, Illustration Tercer Mundo, Alejandro Castillo, Alejandro Reyes, Idana Rodriguez and Cayapa