Requeteciclaje "sé ecoísta" campaign Canal+


Requeteciclaje is a stop-motion animation, part of the “Eco-Language” campaign directed by NADIE for Canal+ Spain. For this campaign they commissioned different studios to come up with an idea for one of the words for the campaign. They wanted to express the need for more respectful ways to interact with the planet.
Requeteciclaje” is the result of mixing the words “requete” (re for repetition) and “reciclaje” (recycling). We decided to create the word using recycled material, making boxes, plastic bottles and other materials come to life.

Client CANAL+ Lenguaje ecoísta Campaign 2008
Creative Direction Nadie
Project Palabrotas / Requeteciclaje
Design, Animation & Art Direction 3erMundo
Sound Design Canal+

Premios Laus 2010, Campaña “Armas para salvar el planeta”, Bronce
New York Festivals 2009, Silver Award

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