3ermundo / Animal Planet on-air look

Animal Planet On-Air Look

We had the opportunity to work along with the Discovery Production Group team on the rebranding of Animal Planet WorldWide 2003. This project was the team effort of many people, since the on-air look is basically great nature footage, with the type treated within it. We needed to produce many spots in order to make the on-air diverse and non-repetitive.

Project Animal planet on-air look World wide, 2003
Direction Peach Gibson
Production Krishna Mahon, Tareen Aguilar
Art Direction & Design Verónica Acosta, Carlos Cotte, Federico Reinfeld, 
Tere Castillo & Ramón París (3erMundo)
Rotoscopy Erich Hentschel, Leo Lovera
3D & Compositing Erich Hentschel, Leo Lovera & Lava Lamp
Sound Design Andres Cáceres

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